Frequently Asked Questions


Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear.

  1. Does LASPD help people by filing bankruptcies? expand_less
    No, LASPD is not a bankruptcy program. If you are able to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the discharged debts are eliminated. This is not the case with the debts that are accepted by LASPD. The main goal of LASPD is to get your creditors to cease all collection efforts.
  2. Yes. However, our attorneys have experience dealing with creditors and LASPD is known to creditors across the country.
  3. a. LASPD can help you with what is called unsecured debt. This kind of debt includes credit cards and medical bills.
    b. LASPD cannot help you with what is called secured debt such as home mortgages and car loans.
    c. LASPD also cannot help you with things like current utility bills, rent and real estate taxes.
  4. No. Our goal is to have the creditor cease collection activity against you.
  5. Yes. Representation depends on the amount of equity in your home and the laws of the state where you reside.
  6. Yes. Your additional income may be protected depending on the laws of the state where you reside, the amount of income and the source.
  7. You may keep one credit card for necessities (e.g., food, gasoline, prescriptions, or for an emergency) as long as you are able to pay the entire balance each month when you receive the credit card statement.
  8. Income received from a relative or friend is generally considered to be paid voluntarily and is not required to be listed.
  9. You can stop when you receive your client acceptance letter.
  10. No. Since our lawyers are only explaining to your creditors why you can’t pay your bills and why they should cease collection activity, the result of their efforts is usually “peace of mind” but not an improved credit score.
  11. You can start the application process now by clicking here or you can call our administrative offices at 1-866 -785-DEBT (3328).
  12. There is a $260 initial retainer that can be paid in one amount or in four $65 monthly payments. After that there is a $35 monthly fee for as long as you choose to remain in the program. In certain cases, the $260 fee can be waived.
  13. You can use either a credit/debit card or set up a withdrawal from your bank account.
  14. Yes. LASPD may be able to suggest alternative solutions to your financial problems.