Legal Advocates for Seniors and People with Disabilities® (LASPD) is a nationwide program designed to help seniors and people with disabilities cope with debt issues without having to resort to filing a bankruptcy or using other common solutions such as debt consolidation or debt settlement.

The key to the LASPD solution is the source of income for seniors and people with disabilities.  It is usually some form of Social Security benefit (retirement, disability, survivor or supplemental), veterans benefits, workers compensation, or pensions AND all of these forms of income are PROTECTED FROM GARNISHMENT by federal law.  In other words, private creditors cannot successfully sue you and get your bank to give them any of that money.  Legally speaking, you are what’s called judgment or collection-proof.

LASPD lets your creditors know that you now have legal representation regarding your rights under federal law, that you ARE judgment/collection-proof, and if they still want to communicate, they should contact us --your lawyers – and not you!



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